Rules & Dresscode

Hukka Rules

These rules are in place so that everything operates smoothly. We hope all of our customers can appreciate the reasons for these rules. We also appreciate all of our regular patrons for following the rules.

1. Maximum Seating Policy

We have a maximum seating policy of up to 2-hours on Fridays & Saturdays. If our lounge is not busy, then we are more lenient on this rule.

2. Table Service

We require customers to order at the tables and pay as soon as they order. This is also the case for subsequent orders.

3. Age Restrictions & ID Checks

The government and local enforcement agencies require us to ID check patrons if they are visiting us for the first time, if they appear 25 or younger, or if they have had previous convictions or bans from other venues. We have a system in place that checks and stores IDs for as long as we are legally required. The security has the right to deny entry to any patrons.

4. Last Orders

The last orders are taken exactly at 11:45PM. We recommend that all of our customers orders at least 30 minutes before this time to make sure we have enough time to prepare the food and there is enough time before the general closing.

The last orders from the Shisha Lab and Bar are taken 30 minutes before closing at 00:30AM.

Hukka Dresscode

Our dresscode reflects the mentality and vision that we had when building this venue. This can be described by luxury and exclusivity. We ask that all of our patrons adhere to these dress codes. It can be summarised by smart, casual and with-effort.

1. Dress Code

  1. No flip-flops, sandals, crocs or otherwise home-based shoe wear.
  2. No overly ripped clothing.
  3. No athletic wear of any kind, including but not limited to Jerseys, Gym Wear, Warm-up clothes, Suits, Exercise wear etc.
  4. No bandanas, beanies, baseball caps, hoodies, hats or any face wear other than masks for COVID-19 related matters.
  5. No shorts for men or over revealing leg wear.
  6. No sleeveless shirts, wifebeaters or tank-tops.
  7. No excessively baggy pants or shirts.