Rules & Dress Code

Hukka Rules & Dress Code
1. Maximum Seating Policy

During Weekdays we have a 2 hour maximum seating policy. On Saturday and Fridays we have a 1 and half hour maximum seating policy. If we do not have ques or waiting customers, we will be flexible over seating.

2. Pay When Order

We require customers to pay after they order via cash or card. This is also the case for subsequent orders as well.

3. Age Restriction & ID Checks

To enter our lounge, customers must be over the age of 18. ID checks are a regular and anyone who looks below 21 or we have reason to do so, will be ID checked. This is also because of recent events with COVID-19, as we need to trace track and keep records to assure the safety of everyone in and outside our building. Adults can supervise those under 18 up until 10PM.

4. No Booking or Reservation

Due to a large demand and waiting times for seating, we have disabled booking completely. We simply cannot promise seating to customers. VIP seating is not affected by this, and can only be booked via management.

5. Dress Code

We ask that our customers respect this dress code as it is very important to our lounge. We expect customers to appear clean, smell nice and look as though an effort has been made to come out. We put effort to provide you with a quality venue, and we expect effort in terms of presentation from our guests. Dress Code:

  • - No Flip Flops, Sandals, Crocs or otherwise home-based shoe wear
  • - No overly ripped clothes
  • - No Athletic wear (Jerseys, Gym Wear, Warm-up Suits, Exercise wear etc.)
  • - No Bandanas, Beanies, Baseball caps, Hoodies, Hats or non-religious Head-wear
  • - No Shorts for Men
  • - No Sleeveless Shirts, Wifebeaters or Tank-tops
  • - No Excessively Baggy Pants or Shirts

6. Table Service Only, No Order At Bar/Shisha Lab

We do not permit customers ordering at the Bar or at the Shisha Lab. Once you are seated a waiter will serve you at the table.

7. Last Order and Kitchen Close

Last orders can be taken 30 minutes before closing, which is at 12:30PM for weekdays and 11:30PM for weekends. The kitchen also closes 30 minutes before.

8. Wearing Masks

We require all our staff, guests and customers to wear masks while not seated.