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 About Hukka

Hukka is a truly relaxing and authentic environment to enjoy yourself. We're delighted to introduce a mastered level for Shisha from the Middle-east coupled with a modern German approach. We pride ourselves with our broad range of culinary treats from all over the Mediterranean so you can experience exotic cuisines as well as premium steaks and desserts. This is enhanced by our Bar, offering a wide selection of fine wines, spirits and cocktails. After a year of dedicated work, it’s time for Nottingham to embrace this exotic phenomenon of cultural fusion.


Days Of Experience


Days For Project: Hukka

Traditional & Meta

We've developed a culinary vision where we combine Traditional dishes with a Meta touch!

Fresh & Quality Ingredients

We only acquire the most fresh and deluxe ingredients for our in-house food.

Experienced Chefs

Our kitchen staff are certified cooks all the way from Turkey, consistency working for over 25 years.

Culinary Fusion

Our menu nests dishes from all over the Mediterranean.

Outside The Box

We've cultivated a luxurious environment with all three; Bar, Restaurant & Shisha Lounge.


Our prices are competitive to the whole of Nottingham, whilst being considerate to locals and students.

Vegan & Vegetarian

We've selected quite a few Vegan/Vegetarian cuisines, sides and drinks, view them on our menu.


Our main goal is to bring a truly relaxing and authentic environment to enjoy yourself.


View our full menu and be amazed at the range of Exotic cuisines and delights we're bringing to Nottingham.

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