Terms of Service

Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: 18/12/2023

1. Introduction

The Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as “terms”, “document” or “page”) is a legally binding contact between HUKKA NOTTINGHAM LTD (hereinafter referred to as ““we”, “us” or “our”) and all visitor(s) (hereinafter referred to as “you”, “their”, “your”, “client”, “customer”, “party” or “patron”) in relation to our website, physical premise and services. The company is incorporated in England with the company number 14724046. Our business’ physical premise is located at 154 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3NS (hereinafter referred to as “physical premise”, “building” or “business”). These terms are a compulsory element to our business and website. If you do not agree with the contents of this document, please exit out of our website, terminate access to any and all content provided by us and do not visit to our business. If you do not agree and exercise these terms, you are not authorised to access or purchase any services, goods or content that we provide or sell. This termination includes all forms of communication such as email, telephone, text messaging and other third-party communication software. Otherwise, you represent that you have read, understood and accept these Terms of Service. We reserve the right to take legal action against clients if necessary.

While in service or visiting the premise, if you breach these terms, any services or goods, your access may be terminated or denied entry. If the extent of your breach is illegal in relation to the laws of United Kingdom (UK), you will be reported to enforcement authorities immediately.

This document is subject to change and we reserve the right to do so. We will notify the changes made if need be. The date at the top marked as “Last Updated” will give a definite indication as to whether this page has been updated.

2. Communication

You may choose to contact us via email at info@hukkalounge.com or phone at 0115 970 0400. Clients must allow us up to 48 hours to make an initial response if the matter at hand is anything other than booking reservations.

Clients should exercise caution when communicating with us and be aware of any phishing or malicious attempts by third-parties. We cannot be held liable for any information given to us via any communication method.

Clients agree that any notice, requests, agreements and/or disclosures made through communication or electronically satisfies any legal requirements or conditions we assume or demand.

3. Usage

If the contents of this website, your purpose or use of this website, your intent on using this website, are not in accordance to the legal demand of your location, cease access out of our website. If your intent is to harm or abuse any content(s), feature(s) or function(s) on our website or any other service we provide, cease access out of our website. If you intend on misusing any services we provide, cease access out of our website.

We do not tolerate criminal activities, including digital crimes. You will not, under any circumstance, attack our website, network, servers, services and/or property with malicious or experimental intent. Unsolicited communication and pings are not tolerated.

Patrons visiting our business must be respectful of any and all rules and guidelines, which can be found on our website or social media. All patrons must not commit any acts to damage our business, brand or reputation. Patrons are also not permitted to committing any acts deemed illegal.

If you are found committing acts against these terms, or any acts considered illegal within the United Kingdom, you will be reported to enforcement authorities immediately.

4. Availability

Our website may become unavailable at certain points of time, because of but not limited to, maintenance or upgrades. We do not warrant any losses due to this unavailability. We expect you to be understanding of such situations. in such cases, please contact us through the methods specified at 2. Communication.

5. Warranty

We commit to maintaining our business and website in accuracy and reliability. We do not grant warranty or promise that all contents and services represented on the physical premise and/or website as completely up to date, reliable and accurate. We also do not undertake responsibility or liability in such cases.

6. Liability

We express to all users, customers and visitors accessing our website or business that we do not accept liability under any circumstances. Furthermore, directors, officers and employees of HUKKA NOTTINGHAM LTD assume no responsibility or liability. If there are any active regulations or jurisdictions within the United Kingdom, the contents above may not apply. In such conditions, liability will be assumed but limited to the fullest extent permitted.

Clients agree that we cannot be held liable for any information or data given to us by them. This includes but is not limited to names, addresses, date of birth, or payment details.

Patrons must be aware of all possessions when visiting our physical premise. We cannot be held liable of any losses or theft. We will do our best to communicate with the enforcement authorities should the need or case arise. Patrons must disclose all dietary or allergic information when ordering. We cannot be held liable for any health or safety issues that arise in case of neglect or failing to disclose such information.

At our physical premise, we provide alcoholic beverages and hookah (or shisha) smoking. Patrons understand and accept that these activities are harmful. We cannot be held liable for any health-related issues that may arise as a result. This includes being present whilst other customers are smoking or drinking. Please visit the government website in regards to smoking, drinking and health related matters at www.gov.uk.

7. Intellectual Property

The contents of this website are either owned and/or licensed (privately or publicly) by us. This includes but is not limited to media, text, graphics, illustrations, documents, audio, software, applications and the compilation of the website design and structure.

Any media, including but not limited to images, videos and audio, are either created by or licensed to us. We do not grant permission to any and all individual(s) wanting to use this media under any circumstances unless exclusively agreed to by us. If you wish to use or print our name, logo, content and/or media, you must first contact and be granted permission by us beforehand.

If visitors of the website believe any content or material within our website infringes their intellectual property rights, they must contact us immediately. Clients may contact us, through the methods specified at 2. Communication, for any matters regarding Intellectual Property.

8. Privacy Policy

Privacy is of great importance for us. All personal data and information we collect are stored and secured safely. We underline the specifics in our Privacy Policy page, found on our website. Clients may contact us, through the methods specified at 2. Communication, if they fail to find the Privacy Policy.

9. Advertisement

We may run third-party advertisements on our website or physical premises. We are not responsible for any experience or activities on advertiser’s websites, apps or platforms. We express that you should exercise caution on such websites. Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are not applicable to such websites, and vice versa.

10. Reservations & Transactions

All booking reservation requests that are made through the website are subject to our conditions, availability, and acceptance requirements that we decide. Reservations may be rejected or modified at any point of time based on availability and demand. We do not accept liability under any circumstances.

We may need to confirm your booking after an order is placed, the details of which may also be amended as we see fit. In such cases, we will communicate with the client to assure the updated details are acceptable for both parties.

We do not require booking table reservations to enter the premise but offer them to guarantee seating. Reservations require a deposit to be made which is specified on the booking page. This deposit is placed into a tab balance for the client’s party. This amount is taken off anything they spend within the lounge as patrons. If the orders exceed the total reservation cost, the exceeding amount will be charged to the customer additionally. If not, the left-over total reservation cost difference will be negated. We do not offer this amount back to the customer. Patrons reserving must attend no later than 15 minutes after their booking reservation date and time. Otherwise, we retain the right to refuse the refund of deposit total and seating. Patrons have up to 24 hours before the booking reservation date and time to cancel their booking for a full refund. Otherwise, the reservation cost will be negated and cannot be refunded. If the reservation booking amount of people exceeds the amount of people put in when booking, we will charge an excess per person if we have spaces available. We may deny the additional people in the party if there is no space. If the reservation booking amount of people is below the booking number of people, the excess booked amount is burned and will not be added to the tab. We retain the right to refuse refunds if any of the contents of this document have been breached. Patrons booking reservations express that they have read, understand and accept these reservation conditions.

11. Payments

Clients understand that payments must be made before any booking reservations, unless otherwise expressed by us. Payments may be made digitally on the website. In such cases, we may use third-party services such as but not limited to PayPal and/or Stripe. Patrons must not attempt to retrack or demand refund via these third-party websites after the service has been completed. Otherwise, we may take legal action in such cases. We may accept cash for bookings under certain circumstances.

12. Refunds

We retain the right to refuse refunds if any policies within this document or the Privacy Policy are breached. Clients have up to 24 hours before the booking reservation date and time to cancel booking reservations for us to issue refunds. We may, under certain circumstances, offer refunds to clients if we see reasonable.

For any refunds in relation to services or orders within our business’ physical premise such as but not limited to food orders, we retain the right to refuse refunds under any circumstances.

If we do offer refunds, clients must allow time before the refund is processed. There may also be an additional processing time based on the banks and transaction gateway company’s policies.

13. Visiting our physical premise

Patrons must meet the following conditions before visiting our business or hiring any services or making booking reservations:

  1. Must be at least 18 years of age. Parents or Legal Guardians may supervise under 18s up until 8pm.
  2. Must have a valid identification, which will be checked upon entering.
  3. Must abide by the clothing standards detailed in 15. Clothing Guideline.
  4. Challenge 21 is in place, and we retain the right to challenge the proof of identification of all persons who appear under 21.
  5. Must not bring any weapons of any kind or any material that can be used to harm individual(s).

We retain the right to refuse entry to any individuals without disclosing the reason. We may do this if we feel their state, attitude or presence is not up to the standards of our establishment and brand. This reason may also be a legal standing, for example if the person(s) is visually drunk or distraught.

We try our best to give a respectful and friendly environment, service and content. If patrons are distraught or offended by any content or activity at our premise, we ask that they fulfil their bill and leave our premise.

14. Clothing guidelines

We require all patrons to adhere to the clothing standards set here. In short, we expect individuals to make an effort when attending our premise. We may refuse entry or ask individuals to leave if they do not follow to these standards:

  1. No flip-flops, sandals, crocs or otherwise home-based shoe wear.
  2. No overly ripped clothing.
  3. No athletic wear of any kind, including but not limited to Jerseys, Gym Wear, Warm-up clothes, Suits, Exercise wear etc.
  4. No bandanas, beanies, baseball caps, hoodies, hats or any face wear other than masks for COVID-19 related matters.
  5. No shorts for men or over revealing leg wear.
  6. No sleeveless shirts, wifebeaters or tank-tops.
  7. No excessively baggy pants or shirts.

15. Lounge

As stated before, our lounge provides three primary services; hookah (or shisha), alcoholic beverages, and food. All patrons must be attending for these reasons only, otherwise they must not attempt entry into our premise. We do not tolerate foul or criminal behaviour. If individuals have such motives, they must not attempt entry into our premise.

Within our lounge, we have a list of rules in effect at all times:

  1. Patrons must pay when ordering.
  2. Patrons can only order when seated. We prohibit ordering at the bar, shisha lab or kitchen.
  3. Patrons must order via waiters.
  4. All patrons must behave sensibly while attending our premise. We do not tolerate behaviour such as dancing, jumping, running or moving from table to table. This is because there can be dangerous consequences to such acts, as there are lively burning shisha coals around the lounge, and also bottles, forks and knives etc. while people eat and drink. We want to assure the health and safety of all patrons. We may ask patrons to leave in such cases.

We do not require booking reservations through the website, but we cannot assure seating during busy days and hours, so we leave this upon the patrons. For larger groups we do recommend booking reservations.